Training Plans

  • Tiered training packages - $200 per week for 3 exercise sessions, daily  nutritional, health and wellbeing programs and support
  • Personal Training - $80 per session
  • Small group training (up to 4 people) - 2 people @ $40 each, 3 people @ $25 each, 4 people @ $20 each
  • Sport performance strength and conditioning programs


  • 3 sessions per week
  • programming to meet your lifestyle
  • daily support
  • daily health practices

Tier 1 - General Physical Training

Looking to start or get back into training for your health? This program provides the base to take charge of your general health and gives you the framework for daily health and fitness practices. The package starts with a functional movement screen and breathing assessment.

Tier 2 - Specific Physical Training

Tier 2 is for the individual with a solid fitness base wishing to achieve specific fitness or performance goals such as increases in max strength and power, muscle mass, conditioning or speed and agility training. If you have a specific event such as a marathon or bike ride you wish to do this package is for you.


Tier 3 - Advanced Physical Training

Competitors in a variety of sports are suited to this tier as strength and conditioning programs will be developed as an annual plan to help the individual meet their performance goals in any chosen sport or event. If you want to get serious results this is the best option for you.