Strength and Conditioning

The term Strength and Conditioning refers to many aspects of athletic development in the modern day. Services offered include training and advice on:

  • Planning and implementation of a strength and conditioning program
  • Strength and power training for sport performance
  • Speed and agility development
  • Sport specific conditioning
  • Recovery and regeneration
  • Long term athlete development
  • Movement drills

The everyday and elite athlete

Elite athletes and anyone looking to improve performance in their chosen fieldwill benefit from an individualised program. This starts with an individual assessment and movement screen leading to astrength and conditioning program catering to the individuals goals and lifestyle.

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Team Sports

I have experience at the international level with rugby sevens and fifteens and the elite level with tae kwon do, swimming, mountain biking, netball, boxing and badminton. My approach focusses on developing the necessary general physical qualities of the athletes while building their resilience to injury.

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Planning and Structure

Coaches and teams may sometimes feel a bit lost in the planning of their teams' training. I can provide services in the weekly, monthly and annual planning of training cycles and player monitoring on a limited budget.